A lot of people are already disagreeing with the topic. This is Nigeria, how can you start a business without capital? How can you rule out the importance of money in starting a business? The question on everybody’s lips. It’s easy to put the inability of us to get a business started on money, but it’s more will than money. By the raise of hands, how many of us actually wanted to start a business and couldn’t because we didn’t have the start-up fund then as soon as some sort of fund showed up we spent it on something else. If you fall under this category you don’t need money you need will. Will you be willing to learn how you can start up a business with no money? These are ways you could start up:

1: WILL: you have to be willing to start a business and keep it running, but starting is usually the problem, getting your passion running as a business is where a lot of people don’t get to. Too many ifs, too many doubts. It’s better to start and fail than not to start at all. At least you will have experience. You want to start a business? START!!

2: TURN IT: you will need to convert your passion to a business. This is what I mean. Let’s say you have a passion for the internet, or gossip, so you go online all the time to read gossips from other peoples passion turned into a business. Turn it around and start posting gossips on your page before you know it adverts will start rolling in. people are doing it every day. Your passion needs to get rewarded.

3: FAMILY AND FRIENDS: A lot of people need to understand the role friends and family play in their business. You can’t rule out their contribution, start there. For free if you have to. Let’s say you just became a fashion designer, take your sisters clothes and make them, take advantage. If you spoil it? Well you might lose a customer but you will still have a sister and you can make it up once you get a hang of it.

4: THE FIRST TIMER APPROACH: Let’s say Ade has a passion for printing press, has no experience but wants to make money from the business. Ade at this point does not need an office, staffs or any way to spend his money. So Ade goes on the internet gets pictures of flyers and what not then puts it on his social media platform. With little enquiry on how much it cost he gets his first job, takes it to a printing firm, gets it done, delivers. Now he has experience and a customer. Remember you can only be a novice once.

5: START: This is where a lot of dreamers suffer. You have it all planned in your head but keep pushing your start date then you never begin and then you move on to another idea and then you procrastinate again then you keep going around about what to do in your head and probably on your paper but your business never sees sunlight. The perfect time to start a business is the moment the idea was conceived in your mind. It’s good to plan but once you start too much of that you start losing zeal and fear starts kicking in and reasons why it won’t work will start appearing to you. Start the very moment, make your mistakes, learn quickly and become good at it.

By Victor Famuyiwa


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