How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Unfortunately emotional intelligence can be taught and developed. There is much literature and many tests available to help you determine your current EI and identify where you may need to do some work. Here are some tips to help you along:

✓ Become self-aware. Learn to recognize your emotions and their effects, how you react to your environment and how your emotions affect your behavior. Use them to find ways to make better decisions and problem solve in areas where you have weakness.

✓ Observe how you react in stressful situations. Do you get upset quickly? Do you blame others and get angry? How do you behave when things go wrong? Being able to stay calm and keep your emotions in control in difficult situations is important at home and in the workplace.

✓ Manage your emotions. Practice controlling impulsive feelings and behaviors. Deal with your emotions in healthy ways; take initiative; be reliable and responsible; learn to adapt to changing circumstances.

✓ Become socially aware. Take time to observe how you interact with people. Examine how your actions affect others. Do you listen and think about what they are saying? Are you open-minded and accepting? Learn to pick up emotional cues. Appreciate what people are saying and why they are saying it. Develop cross culture sensitivity.

Emotional intelligence is an intelligence that has to do with discerning and understanding emotional information. To be sure, an intellectual understanding of emotional intelligence is very important, but ultimately, the development of it depends on sensory, non-verbal learning and much practice.

Develop your emotional intelligence skill, take a fundamental course here and become better today.


By Z. Hereford

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