Take Pride In Whatever You Do

A small boy was auditioning with his classmates for a school play. His mother knew that he’d set his heart on being in the play – just like all the other children hoped too – and she feared how he would react if he was not chosen.

On the day the parts were awarded, the little boy’s mother went to the school gates to collect her son. The little lad rushed up to her, eyes shining with pride and excitement.

“Guess what Mum,” he shouted, and then said the words that provide a lesson to us all, “I’ve been chosen to clap and cheer.”

Sometimes, things look bad simply because we fail to see the brighter side.

One way to make a situation lighter is to accept it and learn, while giving it our all.

If you have a bad job, try to focus on how you can, in your job description, contribute to your company’s success

Then use your role to shine a light on your company, no matter how irrelevant you consider it.


Merry Monday!

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