“What you resist persists.”- Carl Jung (1875-1961)

Resisting what you do not want, makes you focus on everything about it, causing you to exude even more negativity in respect to that thing.

When you give energy to something you want to change, it would be difficult to see any changes as long as you keep focusing on the negative. You’d also be creating a chain reaction where that one negative emotion puts a dent in every action you take.

If no one enjoys your company and you can’t keep a relationship, then you need to start loving yourself and enjoying your own company. You’d begin to see people loving you more and wanting to be around you.

It’s that simple!

By consciously changing your actions, you can focus your thoughts on what you really want and start attracting them to you.

It’s possible to create new mental pictures of your day, future, career and family by setting up physical reminders or literally drawing those thoughts out in pictures and words.

Let your actions match your desires by:

• Writing down your innermost thoughts, out where you can see them.

• Choosing to role play your desires by acting as if you already have what you want.

• Speaking as if you already have what you want and letting your language redirect you when you feel like saying things that are contrary to the things you want to see.

Learn more about recreating your actions here.


Levinne Armstrong

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