What You Should Be Toting Around In Your WorkBag

Chuck away those meal and ATM receipts.

The following will come in handy when you need to catch a meeting, jot down reminders or keep refreshed.

  • Flash drive/ USB cable. If you own one of these, you can copy that movie you want to binge on at the weekend or collect vital information you need to work with.


  • A form of ID. Occasionally, you may need to verify your identity when you go out of your work space. This may be for meetings or financial purposes. If you work in Admin, you don’t want to stall work activities because you forgot to take your ID to the bank.
  • Ear/ Headphones. A number of posts ago, we saw how music is a motivator. Keep headphones in your bag to reduce stress and get crystalline clarity of matters when you experience a mental block.


  • Sticky notes. Our most beautiful ideas pop up when we least expect them to. Do not let them slip away. No matter where you find yourself, write on these then post them on your wall or desk or copy them in your journal.


  • Pen/ Pencil. There’s always that one person that asks for a pen in the queue at the bank. You’ve encountered one before, haven’t you? Pens are personal so keep one in your bag so you don’t have to waste your time by looking for one when you need it.


  • Gum/ Mints.  What’s more embarrassing than whispering with bad breath to someone on a lunch date, meeting or an important interview? Don’t slip up. Pop mints in your mouth at intervals to get fresh breath. Colorful ones will attract you to chew them, so pop on!


  • Fragrance. Studies have shown that people easily fall in love with you when you smell good. Make a good impression when you go out to close a deal. Use sample packs to store your favorite scents and be that burst of fresh air people are waiting to meet. N.B: Be careful to not overindulge.


  • Sunglasses. Did you know glass does not shield you from the sun? If you sit close to sun rays or are driving when it’s sunny, protect your face from UV Rays. If you’re a salesperson, these should do you some good since you have to commute to clients, meetings etc.


What do you carry in your work bag?

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