Building Customer Enthusiasm

Have you ever had a bad customer service experience?

You couldn’t wait to tell everyone to avoid that company, right?

A good product with an amazing package and value, is useless to the consumer if the company offering the product has an attitude that is despicable.

Customer service, these days, has gone beyond asking the customer if they achieved mere satisfaction- because their answer to that doesn’t necessarily result in more sales for you. Customers have become aware of their rights and won’t hesitate to try out your competitors when you render a service below their expectation.

Consumer stories and reviews are great ways to get your company out to more buyers. This is why your company needs to pay attention to the way customers tell the story of your service or product to others.

Your company stands a higher chance of retaining a customer, not mainly because the product or service offered is cheaper and better, but primarily because they were well taken care of.

Measuring a customer’s loyalty by how easily they are driven to speak positively about you is a good place to start and here are a few ways to build enthusiasm in your customers.

  • Look the part.

First impressions do matter. Dressing inappropriately can send signals that you are unserious and that can put customers off. Try to shine light on your product by being a good conveyer of value.

  • Master the language of your trade. Consumers love sellers that speak well and are learned in their profession. They also like to know that you can use the right words to address a request they raise concerning your product. This definitely saves them some time and money.
  • Appeal to customers’ emotions. Every consumer likes to feel like they’re all you’ve got so make them feel comfortable, special and appreciated. Who will you rather buy from? A salesman that takes forever to understand your needs or one that just gets you in no time? Being nice, patient and understanding of customers’ needs can be highly rewarding.

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