It’s easier to trust people we see and work with every day. Getting to know them is effortless and we probably share the same values as long as we’re in the same company and are working towards a mutual goal.

There are no absolutes to office romance, however, the damage it brings to your reputation and relationship with colleagues far outweigh the benefits you are likely to enjoy.

How does your romantic relationship at work affect you or your colleagues?

  • Most romantic office relationships do not work out.

The reality is that even if it does last for a while, it may not end well. The emotional baggage could affect your productivity at work.

  • Get a room.

Your romantic smother towards one another may make it difficult for your colleagues to concentrate. The workplace environment should be respected and you may want to check if your actions contribute to the mental well-being of your colleagues.

  • Conflict of interest.

It’s questionable practice to be romantically involved with your boss because you’re eyeing a promotion or raise. It’s unethical, not particularly smart and can result in a relationship strain when you don’t get what you want.

Feelings can grow out of control so if you can’t resist the urge to be romantically involved with someone at work, keep it low- no one wants to see your PDA.

You may also prepare a plan B employment since you’re likely to lose your job if things go down the gutters.

Further on, killing those emotions right before they grow and deciding to not get romantically involved with a boss may be the best way to avoid unforeseen circumstances and save you some emotional energy.

Have you ever been romantically involved with someone at work?

What did you do to get over it/ make it work?

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