Great organizations leverage the power of a closely-knit team.

Ever wondered what makes a company a good or bad place to work?

Your response is likely based on how employees perceive an organization.

Nonetheless, you’d agree that managers play a crucial role in ensuring that employee experiences positively affect their perception of an organization.

This is why, for instance, you go through the trouble of training your staff, because you want to get them to deliver to the company’s satisfaction- so that the company’s image is protected.

A good manager understands the power of team work. It does not matter if your products are doing well on the market- only a strong team spirit can make a company great.

In a good company, the employees go to work, focused and determined to contribute to the company’s greatness. They understand how valuable their role is to the company. They know that if the company is successful, it’d translate to a better life for them and they will be a part of the story. They help in every way they can and have a healthy team relationship.

In a bad company on the other hand, employees do not know how important their careers are to the company’s success. They go to work because they have to, amidst strife, politics and unhealthy rivalry. When the company manages to succeed, they don’t understand the value. These employees, more than half the time, do not know what their job entails and how important their job is to the organization.

As a good manager, which would you rather have?

Building co-operation among your employees is the first step to your company’s greatness.

Co-operation makes everyone work together for everybody’s benefit.

Co-operation makes employees help out in difficult situations, even when it seems like the company is about to get sunk.

Co-operation will have your employees stand on the line when the company has bad press.

A co-operative spirit is healthy and gets the job done in no time.

Are your employees speaking about your company’s objectives in terms of “we” or “I”?

Teach them how to build a winning co-operation by taking a course here.




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